Find out what a hospital electrical substation looks like

The complexity of hospital facilities requires a series of precautions when thinking about electrical installations. That is why it is best to hire experts for advice when it comes to improving hospital electrical safety.


A system for a shopping mall, a restaurant, or domestic spaces is not the same as an electrical system for hospitals. That is why we always insist that in these cases you must rely on an expert team in electrical safety. 

Our advice on electrical safety especially for hospitals, clinics and all kinds of health centers, covers all aspects of the electrical system, including a diagnosis that allows to identify the need or not of a hospital electrical substation.

In fact, we always recommend this, but focusing on each particular context. Through a consulting service it is possible:


  • Identify with complete precision the components of the facilities that you have individually
  • Determine the different typologies and associations of elements
  • Selecting the right equipment in the context of the hospital unit, so that overall operation is reliable and safe
  • Identify the critical elements in a hospital area
  • Establish the required adjustments and regulations to be applied so that the facilities are safe and efficient in their totality
  • Suggest the latest techniques in the field of electrical safety in the hospital context
  • Observe, identify and record any malpractices present to suggest corrections and implement them


All these actions are carried out during a consultancy and afterwards if it is decided to move forward with the measures required for optimization, generate benefits in terms of safety and better functioning of medical equipment, which increases the quality of service provision.


Why do hospitals need an electrical substation?

It is obvious to say that electrical energy is fundamental for the proper and optimal functioning of hospitals, however, this great truth must be understood in all its dimensions in such a way that the importance of having an electrical substation is assimilated.

An unexpected interruption in the electricity supply, with no precautions taken, can be fatal, generating serious losses, both on an economic and human level. 

An advice as described above should be considered, since this is how it can be determined, according to the power required in the hospital and the infrastructure available, whether or not it is possible, and if necessary, the implementation of an electrical substation design.

In this regard, according to the substation transformer capacity, increases in the demands of an electrical facility can be made, and the new loads will also depend on the substation.

A hospital electrical substation is fundamental for the proper and optimal functioning of the operating theatre.



una subestación eléctrica hospitalaria es fundamental para un correcto y óptimo funcionamiento del quirófano



Functions of an electrical substation

The electric substation is required in order to have more power, and if the substation has two transformers, then the voltage can be reduced. But to decide this aspect, it is important to have the opinion of experts in this area. 

The substation supplies the different transformer centres located or strategically distributed in the hospital unit, using a ring circuit.

This way, it is also possible to control the amount of electricity consumed by the hospital unit, and at the same time, the maintenance of the substation is amortized thanks to the fact that with an electrical substation, electricity can be billed at more economical prices.



Components of an electrical substation

To give you an idea of the importance, and what it means to have an electrical substation in a hospital or health centre, we indicate the parts that make up an electrical substation:

Control House

The control house is the space where the measurement and control panels are located. It also contains the auxiliary service panel, the energy meter panel, the protection panel, the batteries, the chargers and the inverters.


Transformer yard

This is the area that is part of the substation, and where the power transformers are located, as well as their different accessories.


Connection yard

This area of the hospital electrical substation is where the switches, current transformers, disconnectors, power transformers, wave traps, surge arresters, among other elements, are grouped.

In this infographic you can see more details of a substation:


partes de una subestación eléctrica hospitalaria


Do you want a diagnosis on the electrical installation of your hospital unit?

Now that you know what an electrical substation is, and why this kind of installation is implemented, you might wonder if your hospital would benefit from one.

We invite you to contact us so that we can provide you with the best advice. We have the experience required to identify weaknesses and determine the need for optimizations or additional facilities.

We make sure that the hospital unit gets better performance and electrical effectiveness, and thereby can provide health services with complete confidence.

We have experience in this field, and we are specialists in the hospital electrical safety sector. Contact us and we will ensure that your hospital will have the most ideal conditions to function properly and avoid the risk of accidents due to circumstances of poor condition or bad practices at the electrical level.


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