Big Data in hospitals

Hospital Engineering and data analysis: the perfect pairing

The analysis of healthcare data, through the use of Artificial Intelligence, has become a great tool to help Hospital Engineering, transforming data into useful knowledge to improve healthcare processes.

In this article we want to address the binomial Hospital Engineering and data analysis. Their mutual collaboration is changing the healthcare sector forever.

Hospital Engineering and data analysis are vital in the healthcare sector. Especially in the context of an ageing population, technological advances and the increasing complexity of healthcare systems.

In this sense, hospital engineering involves the application of technical and scientific knowledge to the design, planning, construction, maintenance and management of hospitals and health centres.

Trends and conclusions in hospital engineering currently

Last October, the 38th Hospital Engineering Congress / 9th IFHE-EU Congress was held in Gijón (Spain). During the two and a half days that the event lasted, several of the most important professionals in the health sector in this area met.

On this occasion, the main novelties, trends and elements of analysis were the innovation of technology, such as 3D printing, Big Data, equipment management … There were also novelties in electromedicine equipment, new architectural projects and especially everything related to the role of hospital engineering in the Covid-19 pandemic.

In Etkho we have summarized the main points that were discussed and the conclusions that were reached in this congress.