What the healthcare system demands in 2024

The commitment to training and continuous development programs will meet the demand for digital skills and specialization in disruptive technologies.

What are the demands of the healthcare industry in 2024?

Every April 7th, World Health Day is commemorated. A date marked on the calendar, since with each passing year it is more necessary to remember and celebrate it.

The WHO Council on Health Economics for All has found that, although at least 140 countries recognize health as a human right in their constitution, only four have developed a strategy on how to finance it.

Data analysis and precision medicine: a successful relationship

In the modern era, data analytics in precision medicine has become a critical component in a wide range of fields.

This precision medicine, also known as personalized medicine, has benefited greatly from the analysis of large volumes of data to offer more effective and personalized treatments to patients.

Undoubtedly, this relationship between data analysis and precision medicine is crucial to understand and address various diseases more accurately and efficiently, as well as improve the functioning of all medical systems and equipment in a hospital.

The main trends in hospital energy development in 2024

What will define energy progress in buildings during the year 2024?

In Europe, 40% of total energy consumption comes from buildings, a figure that decreases to around 31% in Spain, according to data from the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE).

Although buildings have historically been a considerable source of greenhouse gas emissions, recent innovations, emerging trends and updated legislative frameworks allow these structures to become more energy efficient. As? Taking advantage of renewable energy sources and

The best hospitals in Spain in 2023

The results of the 9th edition of the Health Reputation Monitor (MRS) and the Hospital Excellence Index 2023 are now known, which measure the reputation of public and private hospitals, as well as the clinical services of centers in Spain.

Hospital Universitario La Paz, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón are the three public hospitals with the best reputation in Spain. This is indicated by the Health Reputation Monitor (MRS) on the Hospitals and Clinical Services with the best reputation in Spain in 2023, which as every year we witness in ETKHO.

As in the previous edition, the results of the MRS – in its ninth edition – reflect the weight of Madrid and Barcelona in terms of clinical services with the best reputation.

Value-Based Healthcare: Shifting the Paradigm in Healthcare

Value-Based Healthcare (VBHC) is undeniably a rising trend, advocating for a shift in the healthcare model from quantity to quality.

It emphasizes decision-making based on health outcomes rather than the volume of services provided.

This trend emerges in response to new healthcare technologies, concerns about the soaring costs of healthcare, variability in healthcare delivery, and increased patient involvement in decision-making.

In essence, the new paradigm of value-based medicine represents a transformative shift in the healthcare sector, placing significant importance on the value experienced by patients.

New and incredible advances in the binomial technology & health

Technology and health go hand in hand at levels like we have never known in history. From the development of advanced medical devices to the application of artificial intelligence in medicine, the synergy between technology and health reaches a new level of innovation every day.

The health sector no longer looks with such suspicion at a future marked by trends such as the aging of the population, the increase in mental health care, personalization or the union of different medical disciplines.

Today, we find advances that until recently were unthinkable.

A constant transformation and evolution to guarantee the sustainability of the health system based on ICT. Let us now see to what extent.

The AI revolution in the healthcare industry

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the healthcare industry, and it will continue to do so to unforeseen extents.

Especially in the last decade, we have witnessed unprecedented technological advancements, and one of the fields that has experienced a significant revolution is healthcare.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), a discipline that simulates human learning processes through algorithms, has emerged as a powerful tool that is completely transforming the medical industry. From diagnosing and treating diseases to managing medical data and improving patient care, it is changing the way we understand and approach well-being today.

Heat waves and climate change: is there a risk to electricity in hospitals?

What happens when there is a power cut in a hospital? What if the power outage is due to a heat wave?

Electricity supply is an essential component in modern society, providing power to a wide range of sectors, including healthcare. However, in extreme situations, such as intense heat waves, the electrical grid can be overloaded and collapse, which can have very significant consequences for hospitals and healthcare in general.

Today we want to explore the possible implications of a power grid collapse due to heat, focusing on hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Spanish researchers create a system against cyberattacks on the electricity grid

A new system against cyberattacks on the electrical network. This is one of the latest big news that the hospital engineering and electrical safety sector has received.

The announcement came at the beginning of July and the protagonists have been the Energy Research Institute of Catalonia (Irec), together with the electricity distribution company Anell. Both have launched a pilot for a platform that helps prevent and mitigate cyberattacks on systems as critical as the electricity grid, and which could be replicated in other distribution networks, both nationally and internationally.

The present and future of electrical engineering and electromedicine

Innovation and the commitment to electromedicine and clinical engineering are already two indispensable elements for the future of healthcare systems.

The importance acquired in the National Health System (NHS), both public and private, of the rise of the best hospital equipment in electromedicine and clinical engineering, is notorious.

The commitment to comprehensive patient safety, together with the importance of improving clinical health infrastructures, has created a very important trend in the promotion of electromedicine and clinical engineering.