electrical systems in hospitals

Electrical safety regulations in hospitals: what they are for and why comply with them

Electrical safety in hospitals is a matter of absolute priority to avoid problems with electric current that could harm the operation of the health center and the health of patients. In this article we reflect on these standards, what they are like, what they are for and why it is important to comply with them.

Do not forget that most medical devices are electronic and are powered by power sources and the electrical network. Therefore, if an electrical safety failure occurs, the risk of injury to the patient is high.

Hospital ground panels and electrical outlets: what they are, what they are for and benefits

In hospitals and health centers, each machine has its mission or objective. In the case of hospital ground panels and electrical outlets, they help prevent and avoid contact voltages within critical medical areas. The possibility of electrical shocks caused by poor equipment grounding is one of the great risks faced by patients and healthcare personnel.

For this reason, it is essential to have adequate health technology, especially with the devices that guarantee the perfect functioning of electromedicine.

Hospital earth panels and electrical outlets are essential to help prevent contact voltages within hospitals and, especially, in operating rooms, ICUs or, in general, critical hospital areas.

Motor arm systems for critical areas and operating rooms

The main objective of tools for the health sector is usually to facilitate the work of doctors and the medical team and, of course, reduce human error. In this sense, an example of technology in hospitals are motor arm systems, especially in critical areas and operating rooms.

One of the most common medical instruments in hospitals are motor arm systems or articulated arm systems, whose advantages and benefits are multiple.

This system is an instrument made with innovative technology to facilitate surgical interventions and, at the same time, help in the recovery and well-being process of patients who have undergone surgery.

Extreme climatic conditions in a hospital: basic aspects and good practices

Although hospitals are safe places, they can also be affected by the weather. In most cases, the main consequence of extreme weather conditions such as a cold and snowy storm is usually the increase in patients, which can collapse a hospital if it is not prepared for it. However, there are certain basic measures to help ensure the operation of a hospital in times of extreme weather conditions.

The world said goodbye to 2020 with some relief for turning its back on the “year of the pandemic”, but in Spain 2021 it surprised us with a storm baptized as Filomena that has left historical snowfalls. Today we want to talk about how to prepare for extreme weather conditions in a hospital.

Hospital modernization: electrical safety to guarantee the use of technology

In medical consultations it is increasingly rare, or almost impossible, to see the doctor writing a prescription by hand. Now doctors use the computer and, in most cases, we don’t even need them to print the prescription.

Thanks to technology, the information goes directly to the health card that we present at the pharmacy to receive the prescribed medicine. This is just one example of how technology has modernized the healthcare sector in recent decades, which means greater efficiency in this service but also implies a greater need for electrical safety.

Electrical supply in hospitals: essential areas and possibilities for improvement

A hospital has patients and needs, among many other resources, doctors, medicines, machinery and, of course, a good electricity supply. Although today technology and electricity are present in all areas and sections of a hospital or healthcare center, the most common is that hospital electrical safety systems are especially focused on the most critical areas. However, there are other areas where the possibilities for improvement are obvious.

Although when we talk about hospitals, the first thing that appears in our mind are the doctors, there are essential aspects that go beyond the human team of a health center. We are talking about the importance of electricity supply in hospitals.

ETKHO Hospital Engineering: your best allies in hospital electrical safety

September is, par excellence, the month of new beginnings, challenges, changes … For this reason, we have launched a new brochure with information about our electrical safety equipment and services for critical and hospital areas. At ETKHO we are aware that this September hospitals are beginning to prepare for a possible second wave of coronavirus, in addition to colds, flu, etc.

In this sense, it is time for health centers and hospitals to work so that their electrical safety is fully prepared for the avalanche of new patients expected in emergency rooms and, in general, in health centers during the fall.

Trends in the hospitals of the future: more technology to improve care and efficiency

We live immersed in a technological revolution that seems to have no end. We have barely adapted to a new technology when a new one rears its head. In the health area, the adoption of new technologies is increasingly present in all types of healthcare centers with a clear objective: to offer the best service to patients. In this context, we can glimpse certain trends and new technologies that will be present in the hospitals of the future.

If we think about the hospitals of the future, we all have a mental map of how they should be: safe, modern, specialized, efficient, … These are characteristics to which all healthcare centers aspire and serve as a guide for the work of researchers and experts .

Management of the electrical system in hospitals: requirements and recommendations

A power outage is an unforeseen event that must be avoided in hospitals. In these environments, and especially in critical areas such as the Intensive Care Unit, power failure can put patients’ lives at risk.

Therefore, as experts in electrical safety, in this article we want to address a series of requirements and recommendations for the management of the electrical system in hospitals. We will also address the issue of hospital energy efficiency, which helps to improve the performance of medical equipment while reducing consumption and thus the environmental impact of hospitals.

Smart operating rooms

Technology has currently enabled advancement in all areas of life, the health sector is no exception, and smart operating rooms are part of such advancement.

Concepts such as telehealth and telemedicine have turned health services around. But in this article we want to talk to you in detail about intelligent operating rooms, so we invite you to read the article to the end.

First of all, you have to be clear about what an intelligent operating room is. It is a fully functional surgical room, where the distribution of medical equipment and facilities is established taking into account intelligent tools.