technological advances in medicine

Electrodes and virtual reality to decipher the functioning of the brain

Researchers monitor the brain with deep electrodes in patients suffering from epilepsy

Study the neuroscience of virtual reality through deep brain electrodes in patients.

This is a “unique” research project in the world, carried out by the Immersive Neurotechnologies Laboratory of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), led by Professor Mariano Alcañiz; and the Functional Neurosurgery team at the La Fe hospital in Valencia, under the direction of neurosurgeon Antonio Gutiérrez.

The brain is still a “great mystery” for science, the last frontier of knowledge. For this reason, both institutions have joined forces to carry out research that will allow “answers to multiple unknowns about the functioning of the human brain.”

Use of blockchain technology in the healthcare system

La red blockchain en el ámbito de la salud tiene numerosas aplicaciones y su uso está generando un gran impacto, incrementado el nivel de confiabilidad y seguridad de la información.

The great advantage of blockchain is that it makes it possible to record a transaction, contract or any other type of action on the internet in a verifiable, unforgeable and transparent way, without the need for a third party to verify its validity.

The blockchain network in the healthcare sector has multiple applications and its use is already having a huge impact.

The most important technology trends in the healthcare sector

Although it is true that the healthcare sector began its digital transformation years ago, since the end of the pandemic and in 2022 the implementation of new and innovative healthcare technologies is making the sector one of the most advanced in the world.

In ETKHO’s new post, we take a look at the main technological trends in healthcare, not just today, but for the short and medium term future.

We can anticipate that sustainability, telemedicine, IoMT, robotics or drones are some of the protagonists. But there is much more.

New technological advances in medicine

Thanks to technology, medicine is becoming more efficient every day and allows us to take better care of people’s health. At the same time, advances in technology make life easier for medical professionals, reducing waiting lists or human error. Artificial intelligence, big data, mobile applications for health … new technological advances in medicine have arrived to improve our lives and the health of all people.

Technology evolves and advances so fast that humanity will always lag behind. We have not finished implementing new technological advances in medicine, when new revolutionary trends are already emerging.