Robotics in hospitals

New and incredible advances in the binomial technology & health

Technology and health go hand in hand at levels like we have never known in history. From the development of advanced medical devices to the application of artificial intelligence in medicine, the synergy between technology and health reaches a new level of innovation every day.

The health sector no longer looks with such suspicion at a future marked by trends such as the aging of the population, the increase in mental health care, personalization or the union of different medical disciplines.

Today, we find advances that until recently were unthinkable.

A constant transformation and evolution to guarantee the sustainability of the health system based on ICT. Let us now see to what extent.

Robotics in hospitals

Through Artificial Intelligence (AI), robots in the medical field are transforming the way surgeries are performed, the way patients are cleaned, cared for or disinfected.

Robotics for patient care and assistance in hospitals, to optimise all processes involving healthcare professionals and for the surgical operations themselves, is the present and the future of hospital technology.

Health centres nowadays have the option of having robots in practically any room, whether in the operating and surgical areas, waiting rooms, patient rooms, cleaning areas…

The adaptation of Artificial Intelligence and robotic surgery to the clinical industry is an unstoppable phenomenon. These devices, in the medical field, are transforming the way surgeries are performed, cleaned, cared for or disinfected. These robots, during the COVID-19 pandemic, have been deployed throughout hospitals and clinics, delivering excellent performance.

Trends and conclusions in hospital engineering currently

Last October, the 38th Hospital Engineering Congress / 9th IFHE-EU Congress was held in Gijón (Spain). During the two and a half days that the event lasted, several of the most important professionals in the health sector in this area met.

On this occasion, the main novelties, trends and elements of analysis were the innovation of technology, such as 3D printing, Big Data, equipment management … There were also novelties in electromedicine equipment, new architectural projects and especially everything related to the role of hospital engineering in the Covid-19 pandemic.

In Etkho we have summarized the main points that were discussed and the conclusions that were reached in this congress.