Keys for the optimization of electrical safety in hospitals

It’s helpful to know the keys for the optimization of electrical safety in hospitals, only then can you know what are the aspects to be taken into account when making sure you have the ideal conditions to reduce and eliminate risks.


Safety comes first, it is what is said in all work areas where the life of each worker is to be preserved. However,  in the hospital context it represents an obligation also with patients.

Fortunately, we are experts in the field of electrical safety in hospitals, so we will talk to you from experience,  letting you know the guidelines that we handle when we provide advice on electrical safety.


It is important to do conduct basic tests to know how is the electrical system

When we intend to do an audit in hospitals in order to know the current status of the electrical systems,  we always apply a series of tests that give us results based on which an action plan can be developed to correct failures and risks.

In fact, there are a number of tests that help, and it’s necessary to start by checking the quality of the wiring, because that will depend on the proper functioning of the equipment and that the electrical energy supply can be stemmed.


The acumen of expert auditors in electrical safety for hospitals

Usually these tests are done using state of the art equipment. We rely on the best technology.

However, experience is also requested, because some of the tests consist of visual acuity.

To make  the tests visually, you have to rely on experts, who are dedicated to conducting audits, and that represent success stories, that way you will ensure the quality of the inspection.


Correct distribution: another key to the optimization of electrical safety

Claves para la optimización de la seguridad eléctrica en hospitales - distribución eléctrica correcta

The distribution of electrical energy is crucial for the electrical safety in hospitals.

That is why another key for the optimization of the electrical safety of hospitals is to know the best way to make the distribution of the supply, that way the regular procedures will be carried out effectively.

To do this, it’s essential to proceed to divide the alternating current in two levels, however, this is not something that should be done lightly, you need to rely on experts who are in charge of designing the ideal plan for the division and structure of the alternating current.

However, to give you an idea, the levels to be divided can be the following:

  • Electricity for an emergency system
  • Electricity for an equipment system


This is how safety circuits can be created and thus be able to safeguard the life and safety of each patient.

The equipment system must focus specifically on supplying power to the main equipments, which is vital for the care and continuous treatment of patients.

The best thing that can be done is rely on the experts. At ETKHO we advise you on electrical safety and offer the highest quality equipment for hospital critical areas.


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