Sustainability and environmental protection in hospitals

It is everyone’s job to reduce carbon emissions in hospitals and to reduce the environmental impact of healthcare management.

Every 5 June is celebrated worldwide as Environment Day. This date is an excellent opportunity to remember what is at stake, to highlight, to rethink and to act.

In this new Etkho post, we want to talk to you about the adaptation and evolution of hospitals to contribute to the health of the planet. Faced with the climate emergency, the deterioration of ecosystems and atmospheric pollution, the threats to the planet are many.

These elements have a variety of consequences for people all over the world, including the emergence of associated infectious, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, as well as for animals.

Sustainability in hospitals: beyond the efficient use of electric power supply

Sustainability has become one of the great challenges for society and, of course, also for hospitals. In Spain, many hospitals and health centers were built decades ago and now need to be renovated to be more sustainable, both in terms of the efficient use of the electricity supply and the facilities themselves. All this with a clear objective: to achieve energy savings and reduce emissions and the environmental footprint.

To guarantee the sustainability of the system and reduce its social and environmental impact, the only alternative is to be more efficient in the use of resources and energy. For this reason, it is vitally important that hospitals and health centers think about long-term sustainable development.