Keep ICU running properly

In these coronavirus times, hospitals must ensure the proper functioning of ICU, ensuring that health care teams don’t fail, and that patients can count on the health service in absolute safety.

At ETKHO we specialize in the manufacture of electrical safety equipment, and we provide services for critical hospital areas, the ones that should be in optimal condition in the current situation.

You can count on specialists in high quality services and technological products, guaranteeing a good operation of the IT electrical systems of the critical areas or units.

COVID-19 patient ventilators

Among the indispensable tools or devices for health today we find the ventilation devices for COVID-19 patients.

This has motivated us to write about what they are, how they work, what kind of ventilators are available. Moreover, we think it is convenient to talk to you about electrical safety in order to guarantee the good working of health centres.

They are simply mechanical ventilators for patients with breathing difficulties. A respirator is a machine that is electrically powered, that is why it is important to have good electrical safety to ensure that hospital facilities in critical areas can respond effectively to the electrical demand for these devices.