IT Power Supply Systems

Equipment and installation of IT systems in hospitals

Hospital electrical safety is a topic that can’t be taken for granted. It is important to know what IT systems are and how they can be used in hospitals.

IT systems are distinguished by the fact that all active components are grounded through a high impedance.

The reason why a high impedance is applied is due to metrological aspects, in order not to jeopardize the electrical safety, in this case hospitals.

Therefore, the grounding of the electrical installation masses can be done either together or individually.

guía práctica estado del sistema eléctrico de unidad hospitalaria

Practical guide to know the status of the electrical system of a hospital unit

This article is intended to provide you a list of aspects to check the condition of the electrical installations in the hospital unit, therefore we offer it as a practical and quick guide to determine the status of the electrical system in a hospital.

We address hospital units since we know that they are environments with high risks of electrical failures when they do not have an appropriate electrical safety system.
In these situations, failures do not limit their consequences to damages to electrical equipment, but they can extend to human losses.

You certainly want the hospital unit under your care to operate optimally and safely.