Arab Health 2024 presents the main health innovations in the world

Under the motto “Connect minds and transform healthcare”, Arab Health 2024, the most prestigious fair in the hospital sector worldwide together with the Düsseldorf Medical Fair, closed its doors on February 1 after three days of intense activity.


With more than 3,450 exhibitors and attracting more than 110,000 healthcare professionals from 180 countries, Arab Health 2024 has been deployed across 40 international pavilions at the Dubai World Trade Centre, showcasing the latest products and advances in Health Care.

In addition to the exhibition, an extensive program of medical conferences of different specialities and disciplines has been held in parallel, with thousands of professionals.

Innovations in Smart Hospitals and interoperability zones have predominated at the event. At Arab Health 2024, ETKHO has repeated its presence, for another year, presenting its range of hospital equipment with Tedisel Medical.


Arab Health 2024 presents the main health innovations in the world
Arab Health 2024. Copyright © 2024. Informa Markets, a trading division of Informa PLC.



Analysing the latest trends in the healthcare sector through Arab Health

n its 49th edition in 2024, Arab Health once again claimed itself as a benchmark in the industry, covering various sectors such as electromedical equipment, single-use health products, clinical furniture, dentistry, laboratory equipment, diagnostic reagents, emergency, telemedicine, orthopaedics and rehabilitation, pharmaceutical products, laboratories, diagnostics, and, innovatively, medical tourism, a recently incorporated sector. 

The 2024 edition of Arab Health highlighted a variety of innovations in medical technology, from next-generation medical devices to the digitalization of healthcare.


Analysing the latest trends in the healthcare sector through Arab Health 2024
Arab Health 2024. Copyright © 2024. Informa Markets, a trading division of Informa PLC.


One thing must be taken into account: Arab Health has become perhaps the most relevant exhibition in the health sector in the world because Arab countries, Africa and India have skyrocketed their demand for medical equipment, orthopaedic materials, medicines, nutraceuticals, eHealth and other health products and services.

The company exhibition explored how these technologies are radically transforming the approach to treating health and disease. Emphasis was placed on how these innovations not only make care more accessible, effective and personalized, but also on their implications for healthcare professionals and patients.

Likewise, interdisciplinary collaboration was a central theme of the event, with experts from different countries. 

The event highlighted how new technologies and approaches can have a significant impact on the future of healthcare, improving the quality of life of patients and increasing the efficiency of healthcare services, with better efficient management of resources.



Sustainability, a fundamental pillar

Sustainability in the healthcare sector was also highlighted during the event, underlining the importance of innovative strategies to ensure equitable and lasting access to healthcare resources around the world.

In this sense, the innovative sustainable solutions that are already beginning to be seen in the industry were highlighted, such as the biophilia commitment in rooms or green and renewable energies, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of the health sector and promoting more equitable and inclusive health care.


Arab Health 2024. Copyright © 2024. Informa Markets, a trading division of Informa PLC.


The Spanish business at Arab Health 2024I

ICEX Spain Exportation and Investment organized the Spanish presence at Arab Health 2024 for the twelfth time.

A total of 47 companies were an active part of the Spanish Pavilion, with an area of ​​684 square meters distributed in various areas, exceeding the levels observed in the years prior to the pandemic.



ETKHO’s participation

With the advance of digitalization in the medical field and the constant purpose of optimizing hospital care and providing centres with the most advanced high-quality medical and electrical resources, the commitment to innovation in hospital equipment has acquired a crucial role.

The ETKHO team, with more than three decades of experience specializing in engineering solutions for hospital environments, attended the Dubai fair to show its commitment to the design and manufacture of high-quality technological products for IT electrical systems in critical units.

With our partner Tedisel Medical at stand H3.C13, at the Arab Health exhibition we were able to show the best electrical safety solutions for critical areas of hospitals, taking advantage of our presence in more than 20 countries, offering services, products and solutions to hospitals. .

Among the elements of medical equipment shown, the IT power supply systems or electrical outlet hospital panels.

Two key points within the hospital electrical infrastructure that demonstrate ETKHO’s commitment to hospital safety.





Arab Health 2025

La intersección de tecnologías de vanguardia, conceptos revolucionarios en salud y expertos en atención médica, seguirá remodelando el panorama sanitario global del 27 al 30 de enero de 2025 en Arab Health 2025, que volverá a celebrarse en el Dubai World Trade Centre.


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